Production of yttria-stabilized zirconium dioxide 

Our company specializes in the production of powders and materials based on yttria-stabilized (7%) zirconium dioxide  for thermal spraying.


The main requirements for such powders is predetermined chemical, X-ray and fractional composition, flowability  and stable bulk density. These parameters are monitored by the Quality Department on the basis of their own measurements and independent laboratories of Ural Federal University (UrFU) and institutes of the Ural Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences.


We produce zirconium oxide powder in two forms:


 - spherical particles


 - particles of casual shape.  


Fractional compositions  indicated in our technical work conditions with the production of spherical powders, we achieved significant results:


  • The majority of the particles  has a spherical shape

  • High and stable flowability of material

  • Minimum number of particles of non-spherical shape

  •  Absence of fine particles (1-5 microns), which greatly reduces the flowability

  •  We can produce narrow fractions of powders (ex: 20-40, 40-60, 30-63, etc. .)


In accordance with the requirements of the customer





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