In 1989, the Government of the USSR announced the cessation of financing of "branch" (applied) science. Several employees of the Ural Scientific Research Chemical Institute (UNICHIM), headed by Victor Titov organized a cooperative "ROX" (Russian oxides).
The goal was simple - to survive in the conditions of severe inflation, the general deficit, the growth of chaos and the breakdown of the existing ties in the economy.
In the areas and equipment leased from UNICHIM, work was carried out on the orders of enterprises, while the payroll was shared between the executors, and the overhead costs were minimal.

In April 1991, the Joint Soviet-Canadian Enterprise Compomet Cantec was established. Titov VN was appointed Director.

The enterprise produced and exported to the United States technically complex materials - chromium, aluminum, titanium and zirconium oxides. The enterprise worked on the areas leased at the Experimental Plant of UNIKHM on purchased or manufactured equipment. In 1997, the company's activities were discontinued.

In 1997, Victor Titov created LLC "TSP" with sole proprietorship.
In 1998, according to the order of the Automobile Catalyst Plant of the Ural Electrochemical Combine, the production of zirconium oxide with 12% of cerium oxide, a component of the catalytic converter, was started. Production of various types of powder catalysts based on cerium and zirconium oxides continued until 2012. A total of ~ 500 tons of materials were delivered.

In parallel, all these years, the production and improvement of the technology of manufacturing various types of zirconium oxide for coatings and ceramics have developed.
Since May 2001, LLC "TSP" is working on the site in the village of Gorny Shchit Yekaterinburg, renting buildings, equipment, technological prescriptions and "know-how" from the owner - Victor Titov, who is the scientific leader of the enterprise.
At present, LLC "T: SP" is the only manufacturer in Russia of special types of zirconium oxide for coatings and ceramics.
Almost all Russian enterprises manufacturing and repairing aviation gas turbine engines consume our materials based on zirconium oxide.
Modernization and the replacement of generations of rocketry and weapons require the creation of new types of materials - this task is now faced by OOO "T:SP" and it is successfully being resolved.

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