Creation of new materials, technologies and production

"T:SP" ltd. is an engineering chemical company, our purpose is the creation of new materials (including nano-sized), the development of manufacturing technologies and production, as well as continuous improving technologies.

We have the competence to address the full range of tasks in creating world-class materials, R & D in materialsscience and chemical engineering. For over 25 years our company has manufactured materials for coating various methods of thermal spraying.

Our employees have great experience in chemical technology and engineering. Ltd "T:SP" has all the necessary forms of state registration, and a certificate of quality management system EN ISO 9001: 2015.

Our company developed the production technology of dozens types of nanomaterials, including compound oxides of rare metals used for catalytic systems. All of them are closely followed by the main parameters to customer requirements.

For the 25-year history we has accumulated great experience in developing and industrial scale production technologies of various materials, including nanomaterials, possess complex predefined consumer properties - multiphase, multicomponent, various chemical and phase composition, particle shape and size, specific surface including thermostable, predetermined size and pore volume, etc.

We produced materials

  • Cerium oxide
  • Zirconium acetate (ТУ 1767-002-70786120-2000)
  • Cerium oxide grade C-20Z
  • Oxide nanomaterials composition CexZryAlzO2-n
  • Hydroxide Zirconium sorbent
  • Yttria-stabilized zirconium dioxide
  • Ytterbium-stabilized zirconium dioxide (7%)
  • Calcia-stabilized zirconium dioxide
  • Stearate zirconium yttrium
  • Chloride zirconyl
  • Chloride doped yttrium oxide
  • Chromium oxide grade С 111-12
  • Chromium oxide grade ОХП-1 (ГОСТ 912-79)
  • Hydroxyapatite Ca5(PO4) 3OH
  • Titanium oxide nanomaterials based on titanium oxide compositions TixWyCezO2-n
  • Titan vanadium oxide composition
  • Perovskites different compositions (LaxSryBazO3-n)
  • Aluminum oxide grade А 100-3
This list can be multiplied many times if we add, laboratory technology of hundreds samples, created in the process of selecting the compositions and methods for their synthesis.

To produce such a number of brands of materials we needed to transfer from the laboratory to the industrial scale of the whole range of existing scientific literature, laboratory methods of manufacturing materials. At the same time, Ltd "T:SP" developed and mastered a number of technologies for the production of nanomaterials, which have no analogues in the world, and obtained materials with unique properties.
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